Technology, Video, Audio, Internet, Computers

  • LET Unity TV help you enter the media age

    One of the best kept secrets about Unity TV is the large amount of knowledge that has been gathered over several decades being in the media, audio, video, technology business.


    We want to help our community and serve those that support us. We are available to consult with you in all your technology needs. We know the people that can help you enter the media age in a way that is beneficial to your church or business.


    Computer sales, home or office audio video needs, internet services, website development, website maintenance, domain registration (get your .com name), iPhone app development, computer servicing, networking needs, backups / cloud services, graphic design, advertising, corporate branding, ad development and more...Let us help you enter the digital age. Contact us today to get in touch with an operations manager to connect you to the best consultant that meets your needs.

Church Ministry

If you have a program on Unity TV or are thinking about it, we can help you in purchasing the right equipment to do a professional video broadcast on location at your church. Is your church looking to stream it's service online or have questions about technology, what to buy, or how to use the equipment? Unity TV wants to help! We are able to help you with everything from internet service, computer purchasing, website development and video production.

Your Business

Unity TV can handle your television advertising needs and consult you in any and all technology needs. We don't just stop with selling you an ad or a program, we can help you with your office technology needs. You get to reap the benefits of being a media company with several decades of experience in all things media.

Going Digital

Enter the digital age with Unity TV guiding you along the way to an easier and richer life by embracing your new digital life.

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