Technology, Video, Audio, Internet, Computers

  • Turn the "old" into the new "digital"

    One of the best kept secrets about Unity TV is the large amount of knowledge that has been gathered over several decades being in the media, audio, video, technology business.


    We want to help our community and serve those that support us. We are available to consult with you in all your technology needs. We know the people that can help you enter the media age in a way that is beneficial to your church or business.


    Computer sales, home or office audio video needs, internet services, website development, website maintenance, domain registration (get your .com name), iPhone app development, computer servicing, networking needs, backups / cloud services, graphic design, advertising, corporate branding, ad development and more...Let us help you enter the digital age. Contact us today to get in touch with an operations manager to connect you to the best consultant that meets your needs.

Old VCR tapes to DVDs

We know you have them. Probably dozens or more. Old VCR tapes with priceless memories on them that are rotting away in a box somewhere. A VCR tape will last many years as long as it is stored properly. A magnetic tape inside and a plastic casing outside does not make for the best way to store video anymore. We can convert your VCR tapes into DVDs to preserve them longer. We can also make them digital video files that you can keep on your computer, back up to an online backup, or even share them on your Facebook page or other social media sites.

Old Photos to Digital Images

What do most people reach for in a house fire? Old photos. They are priceless. Unity TV can scan your photos and transfer them into digital files and even help set you up through our consulting services with an online back up of your photos so they will never be lost. If you use a smart phone, iPad, tablet or any other internet connected device, Unity TV can set you up to be able to access all of your photos anytime from anywhere.

Records CDs Cassettes 8-tracks into MP3s

Vinyl records are making a comeback in the music indistry because there is nothing like the rich warm sound of an LP. If you have classic records that you want on a CD or turned into digital MP3 files, Unity TV can do it for you.

Do you have boxes of old cassette tapes that you don't want to part with? Let Unity TV convert your cassette tapes into digital music files and/or put them on CD for you.

Before today's digital music file downloads, before the digital audio CD, before the magnetic tape of a cassette, 8-tracks ruled the music industry. If you have any old 8-tracks that you desperately want to hold on to what is on them, we can turn them into audio CDs or digital music files (MP3s).

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